Large-Scale Multimedia Analysis

11-775, Spring 2020

Instructors: Alex Hauptmann, Rita Singh

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Each student will participate in one Term Project.
  • The goal of the term project is to define and perform a small-scale experiment on your own, in order to gain hands-on experience which can then be scaled and generalized to other tasks.
  • Can be done in groups, defined at the beginning.
  • Topic ideas will be provided, but you can suggest your own (if suitable)
  • Will require the followings
    • Choose a topic, together with teachers
    • Submit a one-page expose, receive feedback
    • Give brief project progress presentation
    • Prepare project report
    • Present term project results to class and outside visitors
  • See the term project ideas in the class website
  • May involve VMs and AWS
Your project will be worth 70% of your final class grade, and will have 3 deliverables:
  • Draft project proposals due: Mar 9
  • Project proposals due: Mar 30
  • Final project reports due: May 6